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I think it is absolutely amazing that each an every one of these authors and editors have donated their time and talents to create this book to raise funds for the NHS.
Title: Noir From The Bar
Author: Various
Publisher: Amazon
Pages: 290
Subjects: Crime/Suspense/Short Stories
Link to buy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089M1H6HF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

An anthology of 30 crime and mystery stories donated by some of the worlds best thriller writers raising money for the NHS charities.

The anthology is dedicated to all those providing their hard work, skill, passion and dedication during these strange times we find ourselves in. We hope any money raised from this project will help in some small way

The Long Drink!

The Night Butterflies by Zoe Sharp: Great character building and suspenseful writing with a cracking little twist at the end.

The Cavaliers Revenge by Danny Marshall: Excellent story from the start, making you feel like you are right there in the pub… straight away the story made me open my eyes with horror all the way to the twist at the very end.

All Souls Eve by Sharon Bolton: Amazing little story, I felt connected to the priest and the surroundings straight away, although I had a feeling where the story was headed it was hooking from start to finish.

The Smell Of Perfume by Graham Smith: Brilliant story and character building. I instantly felt connected to the main character and it had an Eddie Flynn series feel to it, which is one of my favourite series.

The Admiral by D.C Smith: Good Storyline and character building although it did take me a while to connect to the characters it was still a brilliant short.

First Kill by Dave Silvers: Great Story, i connected to the main character and story straight away and was willing for Frankie to have the ending he did.

The Albatross and the cambio Cigarette by David Turton: Excellent story telling, i was drawn to the main character straight away and was not expecting the twist at the end.

The Twist!

The Stranger In The Bar by Phoebe Morgan: A very unexpected twist, I loved this story and instantly felt connected with the main character.

One For My Baby by Simon Bewick: Amazing story, i was hooked from start to finish and to be honest a little gutted it was only a short story. The twist was perfectly entwined and shocking but you still felt sorry for the main character.

Still Life by Margaret Kirk: This story kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, just when i thought i knew where the story was going, in came the twist.

The Retreat by Chris Mcdonald: Brilliant storyline, excellent twist. I was sorry to see the story ended where it did, i would have loved to read on and find out what happened to John.

Pancake Day by Robert Scragg: Excellent twist to the story, it was definitely unexpected with great characters and brilliant descriptions.

The Old Fashioned!

Another Mans Shoes by Fiona Veitch Smith: Great story and character building, and i loved the little twist at the end.

Mr Norris’ Profession by KC Murdarasi: Great storyline, although Mr Norris was a weird guy, i still felt a good connection and the twist at the end was perfectly placed.

On Brighton Pier by Phillipa East: It was like a romantic suspense that left you with a chill, with great characters and a great storyline.

The Morelli Diamonds by Sara Sheridan: Good story and character building, as snooty at Morelli was, she was still my favourite character.

The Limburger Killing by Suzy Aspley: Beautiful story, well except for the murder but Jessie didn’t like books soooo… loved the reference to crime writer and noir at the bar.

The Shorts!

Tigers Eye View by Roz Watkins: Interesting story, i would love to have read more. Great character building and plot.

Lucky Jack Sparrow by Effie Merryl: Good story and was quite saddened it was so short and particularly shocked by the twist at the end.

Belting Up by Eve Smith: Loved the descriptive writing and the yearning for the main character to be like her mother, until she was caught.

The Flight by Olga Wojtas: Intriguing story, i would love to have read what happens next.

Big Friend by Rob Parker: The story kept me on edge from start to finish, i was scared for the little girl throughout and did not trust her big friend.

The International Section!

Paperwork by Kirsten Mckenzie: Fantastic story, i didn’t expect that ending.

Gale Force by Louise Mangos: This one was such a sad story, aside from all the action i really felt sorry for Marta.

Kudzu Queen: A Pastoral by Ashley Erwin: Good character building mixed in with a solid storyline.

A Drop Of The Hard Stuff!

The Return by Derek Farrell: Brilliant story, great plot and character building and i did find myself drawn to the villain who was excellently written.

Ice: A Tom Novak short by Neil Lancaster: Brilliant story with excellent character and plot building. I was sorry to see the end and would love to have read more.

Operation Foxglove by Martyn Taylor: Brilliant story, and i found myself connected to the main character instantly.

Now Please Wash Your Hands by Alison Belsham: Incredible story, excellent plot building and brillianty written.

Grin and Bear by Neil Broadfoot: Excellent story with an amazing plot line which has now put me off dentists for a lifetime.

This book was fantastic in so many different ways, it was brilliantly written, with so many great stories. To say this book was put together within a month it was fabulously edited and it was all for a great cause. Each author has taken time out of their schedules to each donate a story to help raise money for the NHS and i think this is amazing.

If like me, you love a book that keeps you hooked from start to finish, leaving you with that ‘no, just one more chapter feeling.’ this book is for you. I absolutely love my sleep and this book kept me up passed bedtime every night.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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