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Title: The Whisper Man
Author – Alex North
Publisher – Penguin UK
Pages – 389
Subjects: Fiction/Thriller/Suspense

When Tom and his son Jake move to FeatherBank, they’re looking for a fresh start. But this sleepy village has a dark past – Fifteen years earlier a serial killer haunted it’s streets. In the days before he struck, his young victims claimed to hear whispers in the night, of coursed an old crime need not trouble Tom and Jake. Until another boy goes missing and then Jake says he hears a whispering at his window.

The book follows two separate sides to the story, the first side follows Tom Kennedy and his son on their new life in a new home after loosing their wife/mother. The second follows the police on their investigation to finally solving The Whisper Man case.

The book starts off with an ominous letter from Jake to his son, instantly making you want to turn the page, which leads to the opening of chapter one which I personally find to be the most candid and scariest openings i have ever read.

The author has such a talent for his descriptive writing throughout the entire book, each scene is set and mapped out just perfectly making the reader feel like they are right there watching the characters as an outsider. I was constantly kept on the edge of my set, i could hear every whisper, every creak and i could feel every emotion as the character felt it. I was so involved and captured by the story, reading it at night was a mistake on a few occasions, when the house was silent and still, my head and mind buried into the story with my heart hammering in my chest and my parrot decides to scream randomly.

I felt a big connection to most of the characters at one point or another during the story, they were all incredibly well written and relatable. Jake reminded me of a fairly nerdy child, kind of like the young Luke in the haunting of hill house and was by far my favourite character. Although i felt a lot of emotions for his dad, i didn’t like him so much and thought Jake deserved better. DCI Wilis was another favourite of mine and reminded me a lot of Jack from New Tricks albeit a much healthier version, his colleague Amanda Beck was a lot less likeable although i did still for her at times but she gave me a feel of the officer from Dead To Me, and the most hateful character being Mr Frank Carter himself who gave me a feel of Ian Brady, enough said.

Halfway through the book was when the two parts of the story met, and with nothing other than a slap you in the face, OMG big twist moment. This was the only twist in the story that i did not see coming, the second big one kind of, had a little tiny hint that made you think what was coming but it still gives you the rush when you find it written in front of you. The ending part of the book was inevitable and you knew it was going to come but it did not make you feel any less gutted when it did happen and the way it happened made you feel like you didn’t see it coming at all because you were so entranced in the story.

This book will definitely have you feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, you will feel anxious, creepy, scared, sad and happy. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a can’t put down, just one more chapter thrilling read.

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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