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Title – Gone
Author – Leona Deakin
Publisher – Transworld Publisher
Pages – 384
Subjects – Mystery/Suspense

Four stranger’s are missing, left behind are birthday cards that read; your gift is the game – dare to play?

The police weren’t worried – its just a game, but the families are frantic. As psychologist and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom delves into the lives of the missing people, she find something that binds them all.

And that something makes them very dangerous indeed. As more disappearances are reported and new birthday cards uncovered, Dr Bloom races to unravel the mystery and find the missing people.

But what if they are the ones she should fear?

The story follows Jameson and Bloom on their mission to find out what has happened to the people who are missing after receiving a dare to play card on their birthday.

At the beginning of the book the story is split into the investigation and Bloom’s meeting with a 14 year old girl Seraphine. During these separate chapters i often wondered if their was a point the meeting with Seraphine but it all comes into play towards the end of the book.

The book is kind of a slow starter, while giving you enough insight making you want to continue reading. The more you hear about the game the more enticing the book becomes and before you know it, you can not put the book down. With each chapter written and the more details given about the game, psychopaths and how data is collected you will not only keep telling yourself; just one more chapter, but it will shock you into thinking about your behaviour online, and i personally will not be participating in another Facebook quiz.

The plot building was brilliant, and the characters were incredibly well written. Seraphine Walker is one of the most well written characters i have come across which in a way did make her a favourite of mine but i had to much of a soft spot for Bloom, she was the star of the show to me and the other characters just became secondary to me, she was well written, professional and at one point i really started believing she was one of them, which was a pretty horrifying moment.

This book was definitely a suspenseful, who done it read and the twist of who did do it will shock you to the core and kind of scare you a little, well it did me, like this could really be happening in real life. These types of people live amongst us.

  • She knew Jameson was lying. He hadn’t called her to prevent her feeling ambushed. He’s called to plant a seed because he knew she couldn’t resist a mystery. At the beginning of the novel, Augusta and Jameson are presented as a very efficent capable duo. How do you think their partnership changes as the novel progresses?
  • Jameson and Bloom start to drift apart, in the beginning his only concern is jane where as Bloom is more professional and thinks of all the missing persons.
  • Why do you think the author chose the title gone for this book?
  • Because evidently that’s what they were, Gone! They chose to play the game and many of them chose to stay Gone afterwards.
  • Bloom didn’t have the answer, but she knew not to ignore the question. She often spotted important gaps and links long before she could explain why they were significant. The trick was to note down these gut feelings and to interogate them ruthlessly. How does Augusta compare to other fictional female detectives, either in books or on television. In what way does she stand out?
  • She is smarter, she listens intently, she cares. She wants to solve the mystery and not have anyone sacrificed in the process. Her work is her life and she has made it so.
  • Gone is set in different locations, London and Bristol to Leeds and Manchester. How do the different places affect the story? Where do you think Bloom feels most at home?
  • I don’t think the places affect the story at all, but Bloom definitely feels most at home in London, she said so herself.
  • There are many different characters in Gone and we see narrative evolve from a number of perspectives. What were your initial suspicions in the first few chapters? Did they change as new characters were introduced?
  • Initially i thought the book was going to be very much like The Chain, but after delving deeper into the book it became apparent if definitley had a life of its own.
  • Leona Deakin the author of Gone is an occupational psychologist. How do you think she used her experiences to shape the story and the characters.
  • It was clear she had a perfect understanding of a psychopath and just the term that is thrown around loosely. You could feel the words written were the truth and how we all display certain tendencies and that made you question yourself.

This book is a great psychological thriller, if you can move past a slow starter until you get to the juicy bits, this book is definitely for you.

Thank you for Reading 🙂

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