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Title – The prison doctor (women inside)
Author – Amanda Brown
Publisher – Harper Collins
Pages – 288
Publication Date – 25.06.2020


Meet the women inside Britain’s biggest female only prison. The ‘frequent flyers’ The lifers, and the mothers with their babies behind bars.

With her trademark insight and compassion, Dr Amanda Brown shares the most horrifying, heart-breaking stories of women inside.

From drug addiction to child abuse, self-harm to sex work, the women in her care have been both perpetrator and victim of terrible crimes.

But Amanda is doctor to them all.

After reading Amanda’s first book I was delighted to see another book written by her on the shelf.

This book was incredibly uplifting, reading some of the success stories of women who have left prison and rehabilitated their life, and also eye opening on how and why these women end up in prison in the first place.

The first story that touched me was Rebecca’s, she was in for murder. Generally you hear someone has killed someone and you judge them, branding them as a horrible person. Her story shows that this is not always true, and although she was a murderer I felt sorry for her.

Shannon’s story was the second story that reached out to me. Having such a hard and horrible life, feeling the need to want to go back inside to just feel warm and safe, this is truly heart-breaking and something I hear about so often. How many people actually re-offend just to be in a warm place with a bed. Amanda actually talks briefly in the book about how many people are homeless and they know when they are released they have no where to go. This is disgusting and i think it really needs to change.

One of the worst stories I came across was Kim’s, after having the worst kind of childhood, horrific start to adult life, turning to drugs and petty crime to never knowing when she will released. I felt for her so much, reading her story actually broke my heart a little and yet we all still tend to judge these types of people. Other people have a rough start and they do ok, I have done it myself. I have seen 2 people go through the exact same situation and one turned rouge and the other is thankful and appreciative and was just glad she had someone there but after reading Kim’s story I get it. I totally get it.

Dr Amanda Brown is clearly a very kind and non-judgemental person, to take each patient as they come regardless of how horrific their crime. I think it would take a lot to work where she does and do the job she does and its amazing to read how she has such a positive impact of their life.

This book was incredibly insightful and eye opening, if you enjoy reading non-fiction or true crime I would definitely recommend this book to you.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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