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Title – If I Cant Have You
Author – Charlotte Levin
Pages – 416
Publisher – Pan Macmillon
Publication date – 9.7.2020

Did you feel it too?

When we lay on our backs, fingertips touching.

Breeze from the open window cooling our stomachs, you did, I know you did. And do you remember? How when I shivered, you pulled the duvet over me, kissed my goosebumps skin, stroked my hair. We shared a cigarette, and you said ‘so anyway Constance, who was your first love?’

I didn’t reply, merely blew smoke into the air and watched the white strings infiltrate the atmosphere. Because we both know the answer to that don’t we?

It was you.

WOW!!! This is probably my most anticipated read of the year, after reading so many great tweets and reviews, and it has 100% lives up to the hype!!

I was hooked instantly, the first chapter was superbly descriptive and drew you straight in, and didn’t let go until the end.

Within the first 15 pages, I had fallen in love with the main character Constance, she was 100% relatable to me and I loved how she described every detail no matter how small or insignificant. The words written in this book were incredibly deep and I could relate to many of the feels Constance was feeling.

Each character was well written and very relatable. I am sure we all have that one love, the one that was a complete a-hole that made us go a little crazy or at least felt like we were. The creepy best friend that you NEED in your life and the old man that you feel sorry for. Each character had their good points and bad including Constance herself, but there is no denying she is the most well written character I have ever read.

This was, OMG I can’t even find a way to describe it In words, but this was an amazing debut, like the best debut I have read, in-fact I still can’t believe this is a debut. Seriously it was THAT amazing… and this is also one of very few books to make me highly emotional and well up.


Can we only give a rating of up to 5 stars? Because this book deserves so much more! This is the book that will be talked about all year, and the book that will be SO high up on the end of year reads!!! An absolutely outstanding read no matter who you are! I would recommend this book to everyone!!

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