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Title: His and Hers
Author – Alice Feeney
Pages – 367
Publisher – Harper Collins
Publication Date: 28.05.2020

When a woman is murdered in Blackdown Village, newsreader Anna Andrews is reluctant to cover the case. Anna’s ex-husband, DCI Jack Harper is suspicious of her involvement, until he becomes a suspect in his own murder investigation.

I bought this book after seeing it on the shelf during my weekly shop and it was added to my never ending TBR pile, but after seeing it recommended on twitter i knew I just had to bump it up the list, and i was so glad that I did. The introduction had me gripped instantly, and I just knew this was going to be one of those reads where I couldn’t help myself but to play the detective. Well I tried and I failed, miserably. I really thought I had it all figured out, and thinking about it now I think there was also a hidden clue and I still didn’t have a clue.

Anna was my favourite character from the start. Mondays have always been my favourite day – the chance to start again. I loved positivity and outlook on life, especially after what she had been through. She was extremely relatable and 100% honest and it wasn’t until the end that I suspected she might have been the killer. I honestly felt mortified and lied too, then, omg the relief I felt when I realised i was wrong.

Although Anna was my favourite character, my favourite part of the book where the mystery chapters, they are what kept me on the edge of my seat, constantly guessing. I think there were only 2 characters from the book that did not appear on my suspect list and one of them was the killer, so very well played to the author.

1. Its hard to know who it trust in this novel. Who did you most want to believe?

To be honest, I didn’t think either of them did it, but my faith was always in Anna.

2. What was your favourite twist in the book?

Finding out who Cat Jones really was, it was not only shocking but I definitley didn’t see it coming, it was fantastic writing and a brilliant plot twist.

3. Given that Anna is such a private person, why do you think she pursued a career as a TV Journalist? Was it to please her mother on some level?

I think sometimes the best places to hide are in plain sight.

4. The quintessential English village of Blackdown is a fictional setting, but places like it do exist. What makes some people desperate to escape tight knit communities, while others never want to leave?

Firstly i think some people prefer what they know, therefore stay put, also some people leave tight knit communities because to many people are all up in your business and other people don’t want to get away because they enjoy the smaller community feeling.

5. Popularity can spoil a place just like it can spoil a person. What do you think the killer meant by that?

I’m not quite sure, but if I had to guess, too many bad memories.

6. Several chapters in the book could be described as functioning alchoholics. Attitudes to smoking have dramatically changed in recent years, is alcohol simply Anna’s generations drug of choice?

No, When you go through something bad and you need to turn to something, drink is one of the easiest and cheapest option. I don’t think smoking is ever a drug you would turn to in such a situation.

7. The changing roles we play in life, family and work feature several times in the book. Why did it take Anna so long to start looking after her mother?

I think after what happened it was to hard for her to be in Blackdown.

8. How much do Anna and her mother have in common?

Aside from being alcoholics, i honestly dont think that much at all.

9. Age discrimination is an interesting topic in this novel, is society too quick to judge the elderly?

Yes. No matter what an older person does, it is always blamed on their age.

10. Several of the characters suffer from one or more forms of anxiety. Did that hinder them? or did it somehow make them more determined to achieve their goals?

I think a bit of both, at first it acts like a hindrance but then gives them a determination.

11. Sometimes Anna’s and Jack’s memories don’t quite match, do two people ever really remember things the exact same way?

Yes, i think two people remember things the way they happened but they each have their own take on the event, like how someone acted or mainly who’s fault it was.

12. Loneliness is such a big theme in this book, and affects almost every character on some level, regardless of their age. Is life in 2020 more or less lonely that it used to be?

Is this a trick question? I honestly think with the pandemic 2020 is probably the lonliest year for everyone no matter if they were surrounded by a house full.

13. Is anyone who they first seem to be in this novel?

Hmmm i would have to say Jack and Priya.

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