#BlogTour – Bang Bang You’re Dead by @Baldockevan @RedDogTweets

Title: Bang Bang You’re Dead
Author: Evan Baldock
Pages: 328
Publisher: Red Dog Press

Gloria Jones has had enough. She’s Sixty-Five, approaching retirement, and nearing the end of her tether. If she gets abused in the street by another toerag, someone’s going to swing.

When Gloria collects a gun she saw being thrown into her local park, her decision to turn it in is quickly scuppered after she’d attacked on her way to the police station. Using the gun to make her attackers back off, she accidently pulls the trigger and ends up killing them both. In that moment her life changes forever.

As she struggles to come to terms with what she’s done, Gloria begins to realise there is injustice all around and finds herself transforming from a shy, peaceful woman into a confident and ruthless vigilante, determined to help victims of crime unable to defend themselves.

And so begins a three-month campaign, taking revenge against violent criminals up and down the country, helping those who cant help themselves.

After all, who’s going to question a little old lady just going about her business? Turns out, quite a few people, on both sides of the law, and one in particular seems to know exactly what she’s been up to.

Well Red Dog Press has done it again, not only have they provided a fantastic book, with an amazing cover but they have found me another author to add to the favourites list.

This fantastic debut novel gives us a unique villain. Remember when we were all kids and we played up for our parents having no fear of there threats but then they threatened you with your gran and you suddenly changed your attitude.

Gloria Jones is a sweet loveable old woman, she cares about her family, and the community of the people around her, what she doesn’t care for is the low life scum that is terrorising her and her neighbourhood. Gloria has had enough and she takes being the granny to fear to the next level.

Gloria is a character that will stay with me for a long, long time. She was incredibly well written, she became a vigilante for the great or good and you can not help but fall in love with her.

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