#BookReview – On Stony Ground by @mseancoleman. @RedDogTweets

Title – On Stony Ground
Author – M. Sean Coleman
Pages – 300
Publisher – Red Dog Press
Publication date – 07.07.2020


A spate of brutal Killings in the Lake District town of Penrith sees Dr Alex Ripley – The Miracle Detective – reunited with a friend and forensic investigator Emma Drysdale to face a killer with a very sinister message.

Once again Ripley is called in to help the Police when they discover that all of the victims all have some kind of religious connection.

What Ripley discovers is that the killers message is far more personal than any of them thought.

But what do these lost gospels, doom paintings, gods and demons have to do with the murders of three innocent people? And why is Ripley so important to the killer?

WOW!! This is the best by far in the Ripley series. This was a thriller with a twist, the book had me hooked from the beginning. Excited in the middle and welling up by the end. I really hoper this isn’t the last we have seen of Dr Alex Ripley.

On Stony ground had me intrigued from the beginning, I felt like I was part of the team constantly acting like the detective, and I was always just a beat ahead figuring out the killer moments before we were told.

Every single character in this book was incredibly well written, with a few budding romances expected (I hope). I loved most of the characters in this book but it was Helen Dunn who stole the show for me, with her witty outbursts of taking no nonsense just cracked me up, my favourite line being ‘ Away from that Wazzock’ – I think I have just found my new favourite word!

Although Dunn was my favourite character, my favourite parts of the book were the killers passages, they were always creepy and intriguing and kept you guessing and thinking. BUT inevitably the big show down made the book for me, it was incredibly fast paced and exhilarating, keeping me hanging on the edge of my seat, with tears welling up in my eyes at the very end.

This is definitely one of my favourite books for the year so far, and would love to see this series as a drama.

One thought on “#BookReview – On Stony Ground by @mseancoleman. @RedDogTweets

  1. “Wazzock” is an amazing word. I have no idea what it means but I love it already. I love thriller/mystery novels that include passages from the killer(s)! It always adds something beautiful to the story!

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