The Last Resort – Book Review @HollidaySuzi

Title – The Last Resort
Author – Suzi Holliday
Pages – 300
Publisher – Thomas and Mercer
Publication – December 2020

Seven strangers, Seven secrets. One perfect crime.

When Amelia is invited to an all expenses paid retreat on a private island, the mysterious offer is too good to refuse. Along with six other strangers, she’s told they’re here to test a brand new product for Timeo Technologies. But the guests’ excitement soon turns to terror when the real reason for their summons becomes clear.

Each guest has a guilty secret. And when their all forced to wear a memory-tracking device that reveals their dark and shameful deeds to their fellow guests, there’s no hiding from the past. This is no luxury retreat – it’s a trap they can’t get out of.

As the clock counts down to the lavish end of day party they’ve been promised. Injuries and in-fighting split the group. But with no escape from the island – or the other guests’ most shocking secrets – Amelia begins to suspect that her only hope for survival is to be the last one standing. Can she confront her own dark past to uncover the truth – before its too late to get out?

Well, let me start by saying, if I ever get offered an all expense paid luxury holiday I will certainly take no time at all in declining the offer.

The story follows seven strangers, Amelia, Tiggy, Giles, Lucy, Brenda, Scott and James as they have all excepted an all expense paid luxury get a way. However each of the invitations were different and each were told not to discuss said invitations with anyone. Throughout the one day on this so called luxury island we follow each of the characters on their journey to the big party.

This book had a steady pace throughout and some exceptionally written characters whereby the author knew exactly where the readers heart would lie. Each of the characters were incredibly well written but due to their past secrets and their attitudes they were mostly un-likeable, all except for two of them. The two that came across as the sweet ones, the ones you wanted to protect, they didn’t deserve what was happening to them, or so the author wanted you to think.

This book had an excellent plot, was incredibly well written with a bunch of strong main characters, the book is due to be published in December and I would definitely recommend you to pre-order. 😊

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