Here is my #BookReview for Her Last Breath by @AlisonBelsham @orionBooks

Title – Her Last Breath
Author – Alison Belsham
Pages – 416
Publisher – Orion Publishing group
Publication Date – 2.5.2019

The body count is rising… and the clock is ticking.

When a young woman is attacked and left fighting to survive in hospital, the police are pulled into a race against time to save her life. But just 24 hours later, she dies and a deadly tattoo is discovered on her body.

And when another young woman disappears, Detective Francis Sullivan and his team fear a serial killer walks the streets of Brighton.

HIs team identify a suspect, Alex Mullins, son of Francis’s lover, Marni. Can Francis forget their shared past and save the next victim before it is too late?

This is the second book in the DI Sullivan series and oh my god, what a corker it was. Now usually reading a series gets me a little bored and I have to read another in-between but it is certainly not the case with this series.

I’m not going to lie, when I first started reading the second book i was a little gutted to find out who was in Marni’s bed, and her being my favourite character in the last book I did hope to see just as much of her in this book, however, as much as that disappointed me, it made no shadow on the story itself.

The story follows Sullivan and his team on their hunt for a new serial killer, with the main suspect being Alex – Sullivan’s ex Marni Mullins son. As if this isn’t enough to cause some friction on the case, at the same time Sullivan has his own personal issues to contend with.

In this sequel we started to see a few characters for who they really are – Sullivan and Marni are still two of my favourite characters and my god I hope to see them two back together in the third book. Mackay and Bradshaw I severely dislike, especially Mackay, he is one egotistical moron.

As much as I dislike a few of the characters that doesn’t stop them from being exceptionally well written. This author certainly has a hella lot of talent for writing twisty thrillers, and cases you can not crack. So far there have been 2 killers and I have been no where near guessing who done it.

This was definitely one hell of a read and I can not wait to start the next one.

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