Check out my #bookreview for the fabulous Blackstoke by @RobparkerAuthor @reddogpress

Title – Blackstoke
Author – Rob Parker
Pages – 290
Publisher – Red Dog Press
Publication Date – 24.3.21

In a quiet cul-de-sac on the newly opened, much sought-after Blackstoke housing development, the first handful of families are moving in. These neighbours, thrown together for the first time, are looking forward to settling into their bright new lives – with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The estate couldn’t be nicer. But it’s a big change for everyone.

Then things start to happen. Bad things. As if something doesn’t want them there.

As the new residents try to make sense of events, the buried history of the area makes itself suddenly, deeply apparent – with a series of shocking, violent escalations.

Soon, no one is safe, as the original powers of Blackstoke return to reclaim their territory and birthright in a final night of dark revelation gore and bloodshed.

‘He was small. So small. As if some higher being agreed to grant him life – but begrudgingly, using only the scan test of table scraps’ – the first paragraph was all it took to hook me into this incredible, edge of your seat thriller.

The story follows 5 families as they each start there new life in their new home on Blackstoke, until slowly one by one they are targeted from what can only be described as the ‘hills have eyes’ people.

Each character was incredibly well written, and likeable in their own way, but my favourite character had to have been Grace… such a strong and independent female lead who I loved almost instantly.

The progression of this story was perfect, starting as a slow burner and slowly but surely you could feel it gravitating to something more sinister with each turn of the page.


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