A bit of a different type of wrap up for March – with 4 books undecided for my top spot. @nholten40 @hkist @robparkerauthor @cmacwritescrime @reddogpress @onemorechapter_

Ok, so normally when I do a wrap up I list all the books I’ve read and let you all know my 5 favourite books read that month.

However, this month I have 4, YES 4 books that I can not separate from having the top spot so here is my list of books that I’ve read throughout this month….

And then I will tell you the 4 books you MUST read because they are so incredibly fantastic.

  • Dead Secret – Noelle Holten
  • The Ex – Diane Saxon
  • The Island – C.L Taylor
  • How Animals Saved My Life – Noel Fitzpatrick
  • Stay Mad, Sweetheart – Heleen Kist
  • Who Do You Trust – Kirsty Ferguson
  • The Last House On Needless Street – Catriona Ward
  • Blackstoke – Rob Parker
  • Roses For The Dead – Chris McDonald

I had a really good month with reading this month, every book read was either 4 or 5 stars but the books you MUST read are:

Blackstoke and Stay Mad, Sweetheart. You can order them now from the Red dog Press website and I promise you will not regret it. They are fantastic in their own way.

The books you must pre order:

Roses for the dead and Dead secret. These were amazing, and I have not got a review up for either of these just yet as I am on both of the blog tours and my reviews will be available in due course, but as you can tell with them being one of my most favourite reads of the month… I bloody loved them!!!

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