A dog without hope – #BookReview by Barby keel @orionbooks

Author – Barby Keel
Publisher – Orion Publishing
Pages – 256

When Princess is dumped at the doors of the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary by her owners, the brown and white boxer puppy is suffering from horrendous injuries resulting from a car accident. Having been operated on by an incompetent vet, her front leg has been amputated in a botched surgery, leaving her weak and barely able to stand.

With gentle love and care, Barby and her team at the sanctuary work hard to give this brave little dog a second lease of life.

Playful and loving, despite her difficult start in life, Princess is desperate for a forever family to call her own. But Barby is heartbroken as she watches Princess get rejected over and over again by potential owners who are put off by her terrible injury.

Well, Barby has gone and done it again. Yet another heart-breaking but lovely and inspiring book.

This woman doesn’t half go through the mill in her life, and that’s not including anything to do with the animals in her care. She is such a strong and independent woman and she is definitely someone for people to look up too.

This particular story actually resonated with me more than the others as it was literally like reading about my own life, I actually can’t believe that all the land and all the staff this woman has and yet she is restricted on what she can take in because of one complaint. Some people can be so callous.

If you love animals, then these Barby Keel books are most definitely for you.

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