#BookReview – The Shadow Friend by @writer_north @penguinbooks

Title – The Shadow Friend
Author – Alex North
Publisher – Penguin Books
Pages – 357

The victim was your friend. So was the killer.

It was just a silly game to start with. Paul never dreamed Charlie would take it so far. Never thought it would end in murder…

Twenty years later, Paul is trying to put his past behind him. But now his mother is dying, and he can’t run any longer.

But home isn’t just full of bad memories. It’s also the last place anyone saw Charlie alive.

And Paul starts to wonder if Charlie might come back to finish what he started…

This is the second book I have read by author Alex North and after being totally obsessed with his first book I couldn’t wait to finally start reading his second.

The shadow friend was quite a slow starter, however this added to the background of the story and as soon as you saw the connection between the before and after chapters it suddenly became un-put-downable.

The more the before and after’s came together more I felt on the edge of my seat. I needed to know how it all fitted together and why really happened.

The deeper you delve into the pages the more twists and turns you come across and the more shocking and unexpected they become.

This was definitely another cracking story from Mr North and I can not wait to read what is next.

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