Here is my review for three hours by @rosamundlupton @penguinbooks

Title – Three Hours
Author – Rosamund Lupton
Publisher – Penguin Books
Pages – 307

In rural Somerset in the middle of a blizzard, the unthinkable happens: a school is under siege. Children and teachers barricade themselves into classrooms, the library, the theatre.

The headmaster lies wounded in the library, unable to help his trapped students and staff.

Outside, a police psychiatrist must identify the gunmen, while parents gather desperate for news.

In three intense hours, all must find the courage to stand up to evil and save the people they love.

Well, this book was definitely not what I expected it to be… but it was utterly fantastic. Just when you thought you knew what was happening and things seemed to be going in the right direction BAM a twist that you never expected happened.

Although the twists in this story were incredibly subtle and just kind of nudged into the story – they still gave you the WOW factor.

This was a book that was full of hero’s and a few villains. Each and every character in this book weather bad or good were exceptionally well written, vibrant and you couldn’t help but love them even if they were horrific.

However, my favourite character was … Rafi. Such an incredible, brave, loving character. A true soldier.

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