Here is my review for The Devils Advocate by @stevecavangh_

Title – The Devils Advocate
Author – Steve Cavanagh
Publisher – Hatchette UK
Pages – 416


They call him the king of death of death row. Randal Korn has sent more men to their deaths than any district in the history of the United States.


When a young woman Skylar Edwards, is found murdered in Buckstown, Alabama, a corrupt sheriff arrests the last person to see her alive, Andy Dubois. It doesn’t seem to matter to anyone that Andy is innocent.


Everyone in Buckstown believes Andy is guilty. He has no hope of a fair trial. And the local defence attorney assigned to represent him has disappeared.


Hot shot New York lawyer Eddie Flynn travels south to fight fire with fire. He plans to destroy the prosecutions case, find the real killer and save Andy from the electric chair.

But the murders are just beginning.

Is Eddie Flynn next?

Just when you think Eddie Flynn can not get any better. HE BLOODY DOES. Alongside his partner Kate, they are definitely the legal eagles you need to be scared of.

A case with plenty of evidence leading to who the killer is and zero evidence against, except for one small thing that can not be included in court. With each turn of the page praying they will find a way but seeing no way out of this.

But Eddie is no normal lawyer, he thinks out of the box and finds clues that are not even there.

This was a fantastic case for Eddie and the team and again I am eager to see what is next.

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