Here is my #BookReview for the creepy #TheBurningGirls by @cjtudor @penguinrandom #amreading #bookblogger

My Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

500 years ago: eight martyrs burned.

30 years ago: two teenagers vanished.

Two months ago: a vicar died mysteriously.


For Rev, Jack Brooks and daughter Flo, it’s a fresh start. New job. New home. But in a close-knit community, old superstitions and a mistrust of outsiders mean treading carefully.

Yet right away, Jack has more frightening concerns.

Why did no one say the last Vicar killed himself? Why is Flo plagued by visions of burning girls? And who is sending them threatening messages?

Old ghosts with scores to settle can never rest. And Jack is standing in their way…

Well, I honestly don’t know where to start…

This was one hell of a creepy book, right from the first chapter – it was full of creepy supernatural beings, which I love and honestly wonder why this is the first book I have read with ghosts BUT not only that this book had more than it’s fair share of creepy characters.

Aaron – ok, so maybe I wouldn’t go as far as saying he was creepy, maybe a little odd – but i liked him he seemed weird but innocent.

Simon Harper – Ballsy, very ballsy. Not someone you want to mess with and your unsure why.

Wrigley – One of the more disappointing twists of the book for me was the turn in his character but it made your jaw drop and he was incredibly well written.

Jacob – always on the outside looking in – he was a very withdrawn and creepy man.

AND after all the creepiness – the comes ALL the secrets. The secrets which leads to twists and trust me there is an endless number of twists in this books, right until the last few pages.

This was definitely a dark and twisted read, and was a FANTASTIC way to bring in the October season.

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