#TheMeasure by @nikkierlick @harpercollinsuk – #BookReview

MY RATING – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Would you chose to find out the length of your life?

One spring day, small wooden boxes arrive for every person, all over the world, from suburban doorsteps to desert tents. All the boxes feature the same inscription The measure of your life lies within – and very in only two ways: the name of the recipient and the length of the single string inside.

Instantly the world is thrust into a collective frenzy, first to ascertain their origin and meaning, and then to confront the truth of the strings.

When I seen this book advertised on Twitter for request on NetGalley I KNEW I just had to read it… BUT nothing could have prepared me for what I lay inside.

The Measure Is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster… it had me on the edge of my seat, happy, sad and by the end in tears. This story was exhilarating and a CRACKING start on the author journey for Erlick – this is definitely right up there with one of the BEST debut novels I have ever read.

Each character in this story is so life-like you instantly connect with them, you live their life with them hoping and praying that more can be done that they can be helped – you love them like a friend or a sibling someone you don’t want to loose…

Yet the rest of the world turns crazy – but the question really is does it matter how long you have left. It has always been decided for us has it not?

BUT – what would you do? Would you look inside your box and find out the answers to your life’s length or would you live on with no regrets?

I would definitely take a read and request this book OR wait for the pre-order link and buy it!! This is going to be one HOT BOOK for 2022!!

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