I am so excited to be bringing you my #BookReview for the #DeadMercy #BlogTour @nholten40 @Sarahhardy681

My Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A brutal murder…

When a burned body is found with its teeth missing, DC Maggie Jamieson discovers that the victim may be the husband of one of her probation colleagues.

A dark history…

As the body count rises, the team become increasingly baffled by how the victims could possibly be connected until a clue leads them to a historical case that was never prosecuted.

A terrible secret…

In order to catch the killer, Maggie must price together what happened all those years ago before it’s too late.

Eney, meny, mini mo – which will be the next one to go??

There is nothing I love more when reading a police procedural thriller than trying to crack the case before the detectives. I think I’m pretty good at it to be honest, BUT I can never outsmart DC Maggie Jamieson and her crew!

Noelle is one hell of a cracking writer, and what do you expect with her background in the justice system, she nails it EVERY time. Constantly leaving you guessing, sat on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next OMG moment to happen.

Dead Mercy is definitely my favourite book in the series so far. Now, that is not to say I haven’t loved them all because they are all FANTASTIC but THIS storyline WOW it is enough to send shivers down your spine, especially after interviewing Noelle and hearing that most of her ideas are based on cases worked while in probation.

Aside from the AMAZING plot, it was the character development in this book that has made it one of my favourites – I feel like Maggie has really started to come out of her shell in this book, after being so guarded and all about the job you get to see another side to her, more of who she is really is. AND I love her!! Bookcrush and all. She is most definitely one of my favourite characters ever written and one HELL of a bloody detective.

Do you dare try to take on Maggie and catch out who the Staffordshire Scorcher is before she can?

If you think you are up to the task then you should 100% order this AMAZING book here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dead-Mercy-gripping-thriller-suspense-ebook/dp/B092YLSSK3/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=EEAZX0WQGR4X&dchild=1&keywords=dead+mercy+noelle+holten&qid=1634129290&qsid=257-9040410-5801515&sprefix=dead+merc&sr=8-1&sres=B092YLSSK3%2CB085ZSTY37&srpt=ABIS_EBOOKS

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