My #BookReview for the cosy #christmas #read – A Christmas Gift From Bob by @streetcatbob

MY RATING – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A true tale of Christmas spirit

In this poignant story, James Bowen recalls the last Christmas he was to spend on the streets, busking and selling The Big Issue with his cat Bob, before his life changed forever.

The weather was as bleak as his prospects. Now, at least, he had Bob by his side – but his health was bad and he had no money for food or warmth.

This was such a cozy and heart warming Christmas story.

I absolutely love Bob and was completely devastated when I heard he passed away. RIP to the beautiful character that is A Street Cat Named Bob. I don’t just love the story because of Bob and the wonderful and crazy character that he is, but I also love to read how far James has come in his life.

The things that he has overcome is absolutely amazing… and after he has overcome so much and bagged himself a few book deals he is still working and doing good helping with charities and the homeless.

The guy is an absolute legend in my books. A true little rockstar.

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